Our Mission

Our mission at Life Built Homes is to meet and exceed customers’ expectations by building a higher quality home. We use real energy saving products—that save real energy dollars—which will help improve the quality of life our customers live in their home.

About Us

Life Built Homes was founded in 2012 by our President, Clifton Harison. Clifton, who brings over 17 years of homebuilding experience, recognized a need in the market that wasn’t being met. He saw the same old, tired methods being used to build homes at all price points, and he knew there was a better solution. At Life Built Homes, we are dedicated to building high-quality custom homes that perform better than the competition. We use better quality products, backed up by science, that will save our clients real energy dollars immediately. We take the same basic approach whether we’re building a starter home or a mansion because we believe it’s our responsibility as industry experts to provide our clients with a better-performing product.

It sounds simple, but we do what we say we’re going to do and we believe in doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking. Unfortunately, in the construction industry, it’s all too common for people to do as little as possible to get maximum return. That’s not how we operate. We continuously press to hold the line, making sure everyone is doing their job as expected, so we can deliver a product that is exceptional. We don’t build houses. We build homes!

Meet our Team

Clifton Harrison


Clif has been in the building industry since 2006. He has been involved in thousands of single family construction projects throughout the state of Georgia. Clif started Lifebuilt homes in 2012. Clif is married to Melissa and they have three kids, Ava, Cameron, and Camilla. Clif enjoys doing life with his family, supporting his kids sporting events and traveling.

Scott Dorton


Director of Sales and Operations – Remodel

Scott has been involved in the construction industry for more than 30 years. He found his love for building as a young man growing up in Forsyth, GA helping contractors with remodeling projects. He received his Mechanical Engineering degree from Mercer University in Macon, GA, and went on to building and retrofitting electrical power plants and commercial buildings. He spent over 15 years working with and consulting thousands of home services and remodeling companies across the US. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling with his wife, Christi, playing golf, and scuba diving when he gets the chance. 

Carla Daniel



Carla has lived in the McDonough area most of her life. She has been a Realtor for 24 years and enjoys the excitement of people when they make one of the biggest decisions of their life. She started working with Life Built Homes in the office to learn about what it takes to build a house from the ground up, it has been a very rewarding experience. She has 3 grown children, 2 live out of state and she enjoys going to visit whenever an opportunity arises.

Pete Harrison


Remodel Builder

Pete has been in the building industry since he was 19 years old. He has worked in the residential and commercial industry for over 30 years. Pete works with Life Built remodels. Pete enjoys traveling with his wife, Kathy. They love watching all their grandkids in their activities. Pete also enjoys playing golf and fishing.

Dean Frith


New Construction Builder

Dean serves as our New Construction Builder with nearly 40 years of building experience. He enjoys sketching projects and designing home plans. In his free time, he and his wife, Kathy, are avid golfers and love to play in tournaments.

Cayla Brinson


Marketing and Selections Coordinator

Cayla has grown up in the housing industry. A lot of what she has learned comes directly from her father who has been in the industry for 30 plus years. Cayla has an eye for interior design and loves helping families create a home they would love for themselves. Cayla is married to Trea Brinson and they have four children whom keep them very busy. Cayla enjoys doing DIY projects in her home in her free-time and being a wife and mom is her #1 calling.

Let us help you build your dream home.